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Comfort-Lite Mastectomy Form

Light Weight Breast Forms &Silicone Breast Forms

50% Lighter than Regular Silicone Forms!

The Comfort-Lite is unlike any other Silicone breast form. If perspiration is a problem and you’d like an ultra-lightweight form that combines the naturalness of Silicone with a truly soft, soft feel, then this is the form you’ve been waiting for!

The unique 3-layer construction combines Silicone gel, tiny polyurethane beads, and a hypo-allergenic fabric backing next to your skin, making the form ultra-lightweight, yet soft and natural looking. It can be worn in a regular, unpocketed bra, too!

Offered in a triangle—our most popular shape. Try it, and we think you’ll agree, the triangle is also the best fitting shape for you, too.

This form is unique and has its own sizing chart, different from the chart for our other silicone forms.

"After 20 years, I’m finally balanced! So light and cool. Fits much better than my old tear drop form. Almost as good as real… I love it!"

— Susan N., New York

Information on Breast Forms
Many women call and write to us asking for advice on which breast forms are recommended for their type of surgery. READ MORE »

*MC Indicates product is covered by Medicare.
Product # 8116
Price: $175.00