Cool Comfort™ Especially for You Bra

Mastectomy Bras, Breast Form Bras & Wicking Bra

Finally you can forget about putting on your prosthetic!  We will customize this made in the USA Cool Comfort™ bra by filling in one or both sides with a permanently sewn form as you instruct. The form is filled with soft, lightweight plastic beads that won't set off airport security alarms. No more struggling to fit a form in a pocket. Just put this bra on and wear it!  Wide straps and easy 5-6 hook front opening. Hand wash.

This bra is, indeed, made especially for you. Therefore please allow up to 2 weeks additional for delivery.

How to Select a Bra that Fits
All women lose firmness as we get older, and so do our bras. When you buy a bra, make sure it fits you in the loosest hook.

*MC Indicates product is covered by Medicare.
Product # 8271
One Side: $75.00
Bilateral: $100.00