We are so very sorry to have to give you this bad news. There was a fire in our warehouse and all of our inventory was damaged. We are working as quickly as possible to replace these items and expect to have some replacements by February 1st. We look forward to serving you then. On a positive note, we can offer you our Raquel Welch wigs and our Chemo Beanies® now if you are interested.

Mastectomy Non-Silicone & Foam Breast Forms

Our popular Micro-Bead Breast Form is 80% lighter than foam, wears 10 times as long, and can be worn immediately after surgery and also for leisure, swimming, and travel. Our USA-Made Foam Breast Forms are another lighter weight and less expensive alternative to Silicone forms. We also offer Featherweight Adjustable Forms that can be worn immediately after breast surgery.

All of our forms are covered by Medicare. For additional information, click here

TLC offers more Information on Breast Forms.