Pair of Bamboo Cool Comfort™ Wig/Cap Liners

Wig Cap Liners & Hat Liners


NEW! Now in Bamboo!  Keep a cool head under wigs and hats with our  Liner - on even the hottest days!  Made of softest Cool Comfort™ Bamboo Wick-Away fabric.  Copes with hot flashes by wicking perspiration away from your skin to the fabric where it quickly evaporates. Very popular with women in treatment for cancer who are experiencing chemo or radiation-related hair loss.

Seams are on the outside to protect your sensitive scalp. Hand wash. Imported in 2 comfy sizes in Beige and Chocolate. Sold as a Pair, 2 Beige or 2 Chocolate.

Tips on How to Wear a Hat
For women coping with hair loss, hats are a good addition or alternative to wigs and scarves. TLC believes that with a large enough selection to choose from, and a little guidance, anyone can become a "hat person".

Product # 8099
Price: $12.00