Post-Surgical Drain Belt with Pockets

Post Surgical Drain Belts

Many women complain to us of the problem they have supporting surgical drains after breast surgery. In response, we have designed a comfortable and affordable stretch belt with 4 removable pockets for supporting the drains.

The belt is made with Velcro® at one end that can be attached anywhere on the belt for a secure and comfortable fit. The pockets Velcro® to the belt and can be easily removed to empty the drains.

The belt is made of nylon/polyester knit with just enough spandex to ensure a comfortable fit. The pockets are a nylon/cotton blend.

Because of the adaptability of the stretchy fabric, the belt can be worn in a variety of ways, depending upon your own comfort. Since the belt is designed to be worn above or below the waist, choose sizes as follows (f in doubt, go up one size):

Small/Medium (S/M) is 36" long and will fit customers who wear a 34"-38" bra.

Medium/Large (M/L) is 42" long and will fit customers who wear a 40"-44" bra.

Large/Extra Large (L/XL) is 48" long, and will fit customers who wear a 46"-50" bra.

Extra Large/Extra Extra large (XL/XXL) is 54" long and will fit customers who wear a 52"-56" bra.

"It is so very good to see that you now offer a drain belt. Even though I was very careful with my drains, they pulled out. My affected breast did not stop draining for an entire year. Wish I'd had your belt!"

— Marcia S., Des Moines, IA

*MC Indicates product is covered by Medicare.
Product # 8129
Price: $22.00
Special: 10 or more, $20.00 each
Special: 25 or more, $18.00 each
Special: 50 or more, $16.00 each
Special: 100 or more, $14.00 each