TLC Wig Collection

Our TLC Collection includes both high quality machine-tied wigs and hand-tied, part-as-you-like Monofilament wigs, all affordable and easy to style.

Tips for wearing wigs
To wear under Hats and Scarves, we offer our economical Hair for Hats: Halos—open at the top to keep you cool—that give the look of hair without the weight of a wig; Add-a-Bangs; and our Hair Accents. Try also our Wig Care Products, our popular Cool Comfort™ Wig Liner and our Wig Hugger to make wigs fit correctly and comfortably on your head.

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"tlc truly gave me just that: TLC. Thank you for helping me through a trying time. Your wigs are really good quality and very natural looking. And so affordable, I was able to buy more than one."
— Betsy R., Providence, R.I.

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Olivia Wig
Price: $64.00
Amanda Wig
Price: $60.00
Diane Wig
Price: $62.00
Bonnie Wig
Price: $60.00
Sara Wig
Price: $60.00
Arden Wig
Price: $60.00
Julie Wig
Price: $60.00
Michelle Wig
Price: $62.00
Claudia Wig
Price: $56.00
Stephanie Wig
Price: $90.00
Alicia Wig
Price: $60.00
Natalie Wig
Price: $56.00
Straight Add-a-Bang
Price: $18.00
Wig Shampoo
Price: $9.00
Wig Conditioner
Price: $9.00
Wig Hair Spray
Price: $9.00
Wig Lustre
Price: $9.00
Pair Of Mesh Sleep Caps
Price: $12.00
Wig Stand
Price: $8.00
Eazy Eye Brow Stencil
Price: $20.00