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Amoena™ Contact Breast Form

Self-Adhesive Breast Form, Contact Mastectomy Forms, Adhesive Breast Forms


The Amoena Contact Form adheres directly to the body, staying in place up to 16 hours a day! Because the breast form is attached it relieves pressure on the shoulders, especially helpful for women with lymphedema or a larger bust. The reason non-adhering breast forms feel so heavy is that they simply rest in a pocketed bra or cami as a dead weight.

By contrast, the natural breast is attached to the chest wall by muscle which makes the breast feel lighter. The Contact Form adheres to the chest similarly to the way a natural breast does, making it feel significantly lighter than other forms.

The Contact Form provides freedom in clothing choices (strapless and low-neck tops, for example!) and allows you to wear unpocketed bras again! Best of all, it gives breast cancer survivors a feeling of security, making it possible to forget you're wearing a breast form.

A backing cover is provided with the Contact in case you might like to wear it in a pocketed bra.

Do remember to clean the back of the form regularly to maintain the adhesion. A travel size special Soft Cleanser and Brush are included with the form. A regular size Cleanser (style # 8561) may be purchased at top right under related Items.

Please be sure to read and follow all instructions included with the form.

Information on Breast Forms
Many women call and write to us asking for advice on which breast forms are recommended for their type of surgery. READ MORE »

Medicare Eligible
Product # 8422
Price: $362.00


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