Cool Comfort Collection Hats & Scarves


New! Most of our Cool Comfort™ Hats and Scarves are now made of a wonderfully soft, Bamboo that controls moisture by moving it away from your skin to the fabric where it quickly evaporates. Keeps you cool and comfortable around the clock and, because Bamboo adapts to your body's temperature, it keeps you warmenr in the colder months as well.

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, making it an ideal fabric for cancer patients who are coping with chemo or radiation treatment that makes them more vulnerable to infection.

Our hats are all offered in a choice of sizes and can be further adjusted via an inner drawstring. The turbans can be worn around the clock. They truly make coping with night (or day) sweats easier.

Our Cool Comfort™Headband is perfect under hats on a hot day or any time a hot flash strikes.

Return anything for any reason within 60 days of receipt of the item(s).

Our Liberal Return Policy:

"I smiled, looking in the mirror for the first time in two years…"

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