Cool Comfort™ Wick Away Collection


Makes coping with chemo and/or age-related hot flashes and night/day sweats easier. Our new Bamboo wick-away and special cotton/poly wicking hats, turbans, sleep caps, scarves, bras and other items draw perspiration away from the skin to the fabric where it quickly evaporates, keeping you cool and comfortable on even the hottest days and nights.

Must-haves: our great fitting Cool Comfort Bra (8193) and Cool Comfort Camisole with Built-In Full Support Bra (8194). And don't overlook our pretty Pocketed Cami with Lace Trim, Hats, Headband and new Bamboo Wig/Cap Liner. Feel the softness of our Bamboo Cool Comfort fabric against your skin and reclaim the daytime comfort and night-time sleep you've been missing!

Return anything for any reason within 60 days of receipt of the item(s).

Our Liberal Return Policy:

"I smiled, looking in the mirror for the first time in two years…"

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