Gabor® Wig Collection

Styles straight from the salon designed with natural textures and subtly rooted, wildly popular Soft Shades™.
Easy, believable hairstyles that let women make the most of every moment.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a $10.00 restocking fee for any Gabor Wig return.

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Gabor® Chic Choice Wig
Price: $129.65


Gabor® Spirit Wig
Price: $109.65


Gabor® Curl Up Wig
Price: $194.65


Gabor® High Impact Wig
Price: $257.55


Gabor® Incentive Wig
Price: $223.35


Gabor® Stylista Wig
Price: $116.45

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"I smiled, looking in the mirror for the first time in two years…"

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