Getting Started - Hair Loss

If you are sure your chemo or radiation treatment will cause hair loss, we recommend the below items. The wigs here are our most popular styles. Like all of our wigs, they come in many colors and in 3 sizes. Cut off a lock of hair at the top of your head before you start treatment so that you wiill have it to match to your wig. Do remember, though, that now is a good time to experiment with color and no one but you will remember the exact shade of your hair. 

In addition to a Wig and Wig Care Products like our special Shampoo, Conditioner,  Wig Styling Kit and Wig/Cap Liner, we recommend at least one Turban and a Sleep Cap; ours are soft and mostly seamless.

Our Pre-Tied Scarves are another good choice for women with hair loss. They're easy to wear and look good indoors and out.

We also suggest a minimum of one Hat. For a different look, the Hat can be worn with a Halo Hairpiece. This is a hairpiece that's open at the top for comfort and coolness and the price is consderably less than that of a wig.

The products below are just a small sampling of the wigs, turbans, sleep caps, scarves, hats and halos that we offer. We hope these suggestions will be useful in guiding you to finding the right products for you. Please don't hesitate to call our 800#: 1-800-850-9445 for additional help from our operators.

Olivia Wig
Price: $70.00
Amanda Wig
Price: $68.00
Diane Wig
Price: $68.00
Natalie Wig
Price: $68.00
Arden Wig
Price: $68.00
Wig Shampoo
Price: $9.00

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