Getting Started - Mastectomy

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy we recommend our Amoena Post-Surgical Cami or Bra. Each has an inside band that holds the 2 removable drain pouches firmly in place. Two soft, adjustable, fiber-filled forms are also included.

Alternatively, we also offer our Amoena Theraport Bra, especially designed for wear after any type of breast surgery or while undergoing radiation treatment, including partial breast irradiation (seed radiation and brachytherapy). This seamless soft cotton bra features Velcro hook and loop fastener front closure and straps allowing for easy access to treatment areas.

For during radiation treatment, we also offer our own very comfortable and attractive bamboo camisole with embroidery at the neckline to wear instead of a bra. Covered seams for comfort and pockets for soft breast forms. This garment truly helps to cope with the soreness (think bad sun burn) often caused by radiation treatment.

For sleeping, you can use our bamboo camisole or one of our stretchy, seamless Coobie bras.

For those who want to be able to wear a bra without having to worry about a breast form, we recommend our Especially for You Bras. You simply tell us which side(s) to fill with tiny, lightweight plastic beads that mold to your body. No more struggling to fit a form in a pocket. Just put this bra on and wear it!

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