Henry Margu® Wig Collection

Since 1951, Henry Margu® has worked diligently to maintain their position as a leader in the wig business.  Throughout the years, Henry Margu® has earned an international reputation for both designing unique products and continually achieving the highest quality standards in the marketplace.

With the belief that being an industry leader means more than simply creating fashionable styles and colors, the design staff at Henry Margu® focuses on crafting better wigs for consumers.  From the creation of more manageable, natural-looking styles to improvements in lighter-weight, more comfortable wigs, their innovations in specialized techniques continue. 

Henry Margu Wigs….The difference is beautiful!™

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a $10.00 restocking fee for any Henry Margu® Wig return.

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Henry Margu® Holly
Price: $175.00
Henry Margu® Jules
Price: $210.00
Henry Margu® Peyton
Price: $325.00
Henry Margu® Farrah
Price: $325.00
Henry Margu® Elena
Price: $165.00
Henry Margu® Paige
Price: $175.00
Henry Margu® Emily
Price: $160.00
Henry Margu® Bonnie
Price: $180.00
Henry Margu® Faith
Price: $165.00

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