Henry Margu® Wig Collection

From short and sassy to long and luxurious our Henry Margu® Wig Collection is helping women look and feel their best!

Family owned since 1951, Henry Margu® has created some of the most unique and intriguing, styles and colors in the industry. Devoted to developing blending techniques that improve and enhance the quality of their wigs and the realism of their colors, Henry Margu® continues to provide solutions for women facing the challenge of hair loss.

We’ve selected our Henry Margu® Wig Collection with you in mind and Jules (# 9027), Bonnie (# 9035) and Rachel (# 9037) are just a few of the must-have styles!

Our Henry Margu® Wig Collection includes special features such as:

  • Kanekalon and Toyokalon synthetic fibers.
  • Superior craftsmanship that utilizes sophisticated manufacturing techniques, including specialized fiber processing and blending methods, to achieve the perfect mix of beauty, manageability and realism.
  • Custom coloring trends with up to 36 highlighted colors that create an amazingly natural appearance for each style.
  • Lighter weight wigs for extraordinary comfort and endless hours of wearing pleasure.

With so many great styles and great colors to choose from, our Henry Margu® Wig collection has what you’re looking for!

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Henry Margu® Michele Wig
Price: $320.00
Henry Margu® Nikki Wig
Price: $165.00
Henry Margu® Chloe Wig
Price: $165.00
Henry Margu® Taylor Wig
Price: $330.00
Henry Margu® Kelly Wig
Price: $300.00
Henry Margu® Hayden Wig
Price: $330.00

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