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Make-Up Tips Plus the Right Wig: Easy Steps to a New Look

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"I had pretty much given up on wigs, but this one (Anne in color 130) looks really terrific and this make-up really makes a difference too!!!" - Lisa Muccilo

Easy steps to a new look...

1. Use a soft eye brow pencil to create eyebrows. For blondes and red heads taupe works well. Otherwise, match the pencil  to your hair color. Then use an angled brush to apply matching brow powder with light, feathery strokes. The pencil helps the powder to last. You can buy a long handled, angled brush at an arts supply store for a few dollars instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive cosmetic brow brush.

2. Line your eyes with a soft eyeliner pencil to give the effect of lashes. Smudge with your finger for a softer look.

3. Pat on concealer to hide reddish or dark areas. Then apply a warm tone foundation, blending into your neck for a natural look.

4. Use a powder blush for long lasting color, applying blush upwards from cheek to hair line. Use left-over powder on the brush to give a glow to your forehead and chin.

5. Apply lip balm before outlining and filling in your lips with a lip brush. Gently smudge the outline of your upper lip with your finger to give a natural effect. Apply a light coat of lip gloss.

More Make-up and Maintenance Tips

To avoid infection: Buy new make-up before starting treatment and replace eyeliner and mascara monthly.

Take a good close-up photo of your face before treatment as a guide for applying eyebrows after hair loss. Our Eazy Brow Eye Brow Stencil helps to make recreating your eyebrows easier. It is offered in 5 different shapes.

Cut your hair as short as possible before starting chemo that will cause hair loss. This way, when you start wearing a (short) wig, the change won't be as obvious. Many former patients advise having your hair shaved as soon as you start chemo. This gives a sense of control over your hair loss and also avoids the trauma of seeing your hair fall out in the shower, on your pillow, etc.

If you plan to wear a wig, keep a lock of your hair from the top front of your head, where it's lightest, as a color reference. Buy the wig before you start treatment; it will be easier to match your own style and color. An artificial hair wig is recommended. It looks and feels natural, is easy to maintain and much less expensive than a real hair wig.

If you buy a wig by mail or online, make sure that you can return it in a reasonable length of time (not 10 days after you receive it!) if you are not satisfied. If you buy a wig from a store, be sure to also check their return policy.

Use an inexpensive moisturizer often on your face, scalp and body to combat dryness. Carry a small mister with water and use it several times daily to moisturize your face. Use lip balm on your lips.

Make-up and a wig are just some of the ammunition Lisa uses in her fight to lead a normal life. Typically, she once refused to let 8” of snow keep her from attending our "tlc" photo shoot! Read more about Lisa in the Young Survival Coalition article.

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