Bamboo Pre-Tied Scarf

Head Scarves - Pre-Tied Floral and Solid Colors


Bamboo Pre-Tied Floral and Solid color scarves

Soft, silky stretchy, bamboo fabric, gently padded, contoured front prevents gaping. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties that make it desirable for women with cancer who are vulnerable to infection.

Unique to this no-tie scarf, the soft, silky, stretchy, bamboo fabric pleats naturally on your head to give a flattering look of fullness. The style is simple, yet sophisticated, and will take you beautifully from home, to the office or wherever else you choose to go. The scarf provides full, secure coverage for women with hair loss caused by chemotherapy or radiation treatment, alopecia or other medical conditions. And after treatment ends, it's a go-to headwear on a bad hair day. Imported. Hand wash.

Choose the very pretty floral print that matches just about anything or opt for one (or more!) of the classic solid colors.

If you are coping with hair loss, scarves are an attractive and comfortable alternative to wigs and hats.

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Price: $20.00
Special: 2 or more, $19.00 each


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