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Chemo Beanies are a marvelous combination of turban and scarf.  They slip on and off with ease, making them an easy solution for women with chemo-related hair loss. The unique gathering and neck ruffle in the back provide a look of flattering fullness to those with chemo-related hair loss as well as a graceful feminine drape at the nape of the neck.

Available in a bouquet of beautiful colors, Beanies are a fashionable option to wigs and other headwear. Made in the USA of the softest, lightweight materials with the perfect amount of stretch to naturally adjust for a secure and comfortable fit on any size head.

Abigail Chemo Beanie®
Price: $25.00
Kay Chemo Beanie®
Price: $25.00
Amy Chemo Beanie®
Price: $25.00
Donnie Chemo Beanie®
Price: $25.00
Janice Chemo Beanie®
Price: $25.00

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