Adjustable Teardrop Featherweight Breast Form

Buy 2 or more, $23.50 each


Made in the USA, our Adjustable Fiberfill Breast Form has a foam insert to maintain its shape. Filled with soft, fluffy, self-adjustable fiberfill.

To adjust the size, simply reach into the back opening and pull out some of the fiberfill until the form fits comfortably. Covered with soft, seamless poly.

Made in a popular teardrop shape that can be worn on either side and is hand washable.

Use after a double surgery, as the light weight will not be a factor. Also recommended immediately after a mastectomy and during radiation treatment, when it can be worn with our Comfort Cami, instead of a bra.

If you prefer a different shape, view our Triangle Lightweight (Featherweight) Form.

Information on Breast Forms
Many women call and write to us asking for advice on which breast forms are recommended for their type of surgery. READ MORE