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Padded Cotton Hat Liner


Chemo and Radiation treatment can cause hair loss that makes hats and scarves look flat on your head. Without hair, hats that used to fit may now be a size too large. And both Chemo and Radiation can make the scalp dry and irritated.

Our Padded Hat Liner helps to solve these problems with quilting that adds fullness and gives a snug fit under hats and scarves. It also provides an extra layer to replace the warmth of your own hair.

To protect your scalp, the seams are exposed only on the outside of the cap where they are covered in lace for a feminine touch; the inside of the cap is smooth. The Liner is edged in a pretty sateen.

Imported in soft, hand-washable 100% cotton in 2 sizes.

Scarves - An Elegant Alternative
If you are coping with hair loss, scarves are an attractive and comfortable alternative to wigs and hats.


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