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Lymphedema Alert Sleeve

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Lymphedema is caused by the inability of the arm to remove even normal excess fluids after nodes have been removed from under the arm. Lymphedema can occur even many years after nodal surgery; there is no time limit.

When additional fluids are added via an IV line, the arm(s) becomes overloaded, swells and is left unable to rid itself of the extra fluid.

The use of needles for any reason (injections, blood draws, intravenous lines) on the "at risk" or already affected arm also poses a real threat of infection. Every break in the skin creates a potential entry point for bacteria. Because of the immunodeficient state of the arm, any infection can and often does escalate into a major problem.

Blood pressure should also not be taken on the affected arm(s).

Lymphedema Alert Sleeve is a simple, yet highly effective tool to let doctors, nurses and technicians know that NO BLOOD PRESSURE; NO INTRAVENOUS; NO BLOOD DRAWS should be administered on the affected arms(s).

For protection, the Alert Sleeve should be worn during doctors' visits and in the hospital before, during and after any surgery or admission for any reason. It should also be worn on the medical floor of the hospital.

The Alert Sleeveprovides safety, comfort and peace of mind for patients, nurses, doctors and techs by alerting the staff of the patient's potential risk for injury.

Made in the USA of stretch-polyester and latex/spandex-free. Hemmed now to prevent unravelling.

Choose Average in Pink, which fits most women, or Blue in size Large for arms that already have a significant amount of swelling.


- AVERAGE:  3”x14”
- X-LARGE:   4”x14” 

Please note, the sleeve stretches to double width wise when stretched over the arm. 

The Alert Sleeveis not claimed to cure or treat lymphedema. It is simply an alerting tool for medical professionals.


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