Straight Add-a-Bang

(1020) Golden Brown w/ Blonde Highlights
(12) Light Golden Brown
(1226) Brown with Gold Highlights
(14) Light Brownish Blonde
(1424) Frosted Light Golden Brown
(1621) Sunkissed Blonde
(1B) Black
(2) Darkest Brown
(21) Light Blonde
(25) Rich Golden Blonde
(27) Light Auburn (Strawberry Blonde)
(29) Glazed Strawberry
(30) Light Reddish Brown
(33) Rich Auburn
(38) Ash Brown with 10% Grey
(4) Dark Brown
(44) Salt and Pepper 50% Grey 50% Brown/Black
(51) Pewter Grey w/75% Grey & 25% Brown/Black
(5660) Light Frosted Grey
(60) Moon Glow
(61) Soft White
(612) Rich Brown with Golden Highlights
(6130) Brown with Red Highlights
(6H) Dark Brown with Light Brown Highlights
(8) Medium Brown
(811) Mocha with Golden Highlights
(812) Medium Golden Brown
(829) Sunkissed Brown

This handy hair piece has been redesigned to be longer, wider and fuller. Now it also fills in the "naked" spot in front of your ears that most chemo patients dislike because it screams hair loss. Gives the look of hair without the expense of a wig. The Bangs attach easily with an adjustable elastic band as well as a peel-and-stick Velcro® strip.

The Bangs are also very attractive worn as a flip or brushed down at the back of your head with turbans, hats, and scarves.

Instructions and 3 extra peel-and-stick Velcro® strips to use with 3 additional hats, turbans or scarves are included. 12" wide x 4 1/2" long.

You may want to have your Bangs trimmed and possibly thinned to make them look even more natural. If you do, take them to your hairdresser, along with a turban, scarf or hat.

"I love the bangs. I feel like I look normal and people don't have that look on their face that says, 'You're sick.'"

- Ronda E., Science Hill, KY

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