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The Jacki® Post-Surgical Jacket with 2 Breast Forms


 Some patients require drains depending on the extent of their surgery. The Jacki® provides "all around pocketing" so you can place the drains into the pockets anywhere along the bottom or, if needed, in a higher pocket. There is also stitching between the pockets to enable the drain to be tucked securely.

After surgery you may have limited mobility in the range of motion of your shoulder or arm. The Jacki® also works especially well for step-in or one-handed dressing as the sleeves have Velcro® seams. The buttons on the sleeves act as markers to easily find where the Velcro® lines up. The Velcro® seamed sleeves also provide easy access for Nurses and Doctors taking blood pressure, blood testing, injections, IV lines, etc. while keeping the rest of you warm and comfortable. The top button on the shoulders makes it easy to drop the front down for exams and porta-cath, if present.

Color: Blue

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Special features:

  • This post-surgical garment holds breast forms for the breast prosthesis area, and can be worn after surgery, as advised by your surgeon. These breast forms can be used as is, or there are openings to remove some of the filling to adjust for breast symmetry.
  • There are 2 seams sewn into the breast prosthesis area. Again, you can use as is, or if you need a larger area for the form you can just snip out the loose top stitching, and gently pull out top thread, to allow more room for the larger breast form. These adjustable features are designed for you to best customize your fit. The prosthetic pockets are also removable with snaps, one side or both.
  • Breast forms to insert (with removable/adjustable filling). If range of motion is limited, place the form in the prosthetic area before putting on the garment.
  • Upper chest pocket. This is for a shorter drain if needed.
  • Deep lower band of pockets. The deeper pocketing along the bottom of the garment protects drains and provides multiple post-surgical drain management. You will notice Velcro® in the pocketing to help secure your drain in place. These pockets also allow for the drain to rest securely in the pockets alleviating the pulling from the surgical site.
  • Velcro® seamed sleeves are there for one-handed dressing when pulling something over your head is difficult.
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Imported

Washing Instructions:

Breast Forms - remove poly-fill from breast form beforelaundering breast forms. Gentle hand wash breast forms and line dry.

Garment - when washing garment, close all Velcro®, wash separately, delicate cycle in cold water, low tumble or line dry.

Iron - cool iron if needed.


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