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Wig Hugger FAQ

Q. Will the Wig Hugger make my head feel hotter?

A. No, the Wig Hugger is made of Acton, a medically approved polymer that is shown to absorb body heat for a cooling effect and will slightly lift your wig away from your scalp to provide additional airflow.

Q. The Wig Hugger seems hard to use. Will I be able to do this?

A. Yes, it takes a little more effort to place your wig on with a Wig Hugger, but with the additional effort your wig will stay in place comfortably and securely for the rest of the day. Remember, practice makes perfect. The Wig Hugger works as a lip. The wig is placed out & over the Wig Hugger, tipping the wig into the hairline.

Q. How long will the Wig Hugger last?

A. Approximately one year of daily use. Overtime the Wig Hugger may begin to discolor, stretch, Velcro attachments may wear or the urethane skin may lose its ability to adhere.

Q. What if my Velcro will not stay attached?

A. Try using a fine toothed comb to remove hair from Velcro. Velcro can be replaced by using Bondini-2 adhesive (NOT SUPER GLUE).

Q. Will I be allergic to the Wig Hugger?

A. The Wig Hugger’s urethane skin (outer layer) is hypo-allergenic. Acton, the dry polymer used in the Wig Hugger, has been proven not to cause allergic reactions when exposed to the skin.

Q. Do I need a Wig Hugger?

A. Wig Huggers are designed for use under full wigs or hats. We feel it is a necessity for people who have experienced total hair loss to secure their wig without the use of two-way tape or glues. The Wig Hugger has been found to be beneficial for every wig wearer due to its ability to hold the wig securely and comfortably in place, while providing a cooling effect. The Wig Hugger also “tips” the wig into your hairline giving a natural looking fit.

Q. How should I clean my Wig Hugger?

A. Only use a mild soap and water solution to occasionally wipe make-up, oil, etc. off of the Wig Hugger. The Wig Hugger will not absorb fluids or oils. Do not use solvents or cleansers to clean your Wig Hugger because it damages the urethane, lessening its ability to adhere.