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New! TLC Cuddle Shop

Our new Cuddle Shop is all about your comfort. Try our cozy cashmere-soft shawl-- perfect for patients who want something to cuddle up in during chemo sessions. And after treatment ends, the shawl makes a useful wrap either on its own or over your coat on especially frigid days. The black/gray reverses to gray/black and the red/charcoal reverses to charcoal/red.  Imported in machine washable acryllic.

Our new super soft Bamboo Cool Comfort Seamless Turbans and Sleep Caps, 8407, 8388, 8409, 8479, 8385, 7991, 8341 and 8417 are made to give your head a soft, comforting hug. They will also keep your head cool and dry day and night and they are naturally antibacterial, ideal for cancer patients dealing with chemo or radiation treatment.

Another soft as soft option are the Bamboo Cool Comfort Pre-Tied Turbans. So easy to wear and so very comfortable on your head! In a bouquet of colors and prints.

Return anything for any reason within 60 days of receipt of the item(s).

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"I smiled, looking in the mirror for the first time in two years…"

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