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How to Measure Your Area of Hair Loss

A Top Piece (also known as a Hair Topper) is always a great choice when you are looking for something to add hair volume or just to cover thinning hair or hair loss at the top of the head. A Top Piece blends with your own hair creating a thicker, more volumized look. Top Pieces are extremely popular and are designed to conceal hair loss at various stages. By adding coverage to a part of your crown, they improve the overall look of your hair and can enhance a woman's self-confidence.

Follow these steps to properly measure and determine the size of the area that needs coverage. Before beginning you'll need a tape measure, a pen and paper.

Step 1: Measure area from front to back to get the length (rounding up to the nearest inch) and record the results.

Step 2: Measure from side to side to get the width (rounding up to the nearest inch) and record the results.

Step 3: Add an inch to each number to find the base size that is right for you.

You want to ensure your Top Piece is attached to healthy strong hair. Make sure to choose a Top Piece wider than the actual area of hair loss to prevent any damage to your own hair.

Since hair loss can be progressive, it's important take your measurements at least every six months.

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