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How To Find Your Correct Head Size.

(Customer can use a string if they don't have a tape measure to measure around the head and put it on a ruler.)

1. Measure Circumference.

Start in front at your natural hairline and follow to nape of neck in back and all the way around to starting point.

2. Measure Front to Back.

With hair lying flat, measure from natural hairline in front, over your head and to the nape of neck.

3. Measure Side to Side.

Start in front of ear where hairline ends. Bring tape measure over head to front of other ear.

Size Chart

Important Notes: To measure accurately, wet hair to flatten as much as possible. If measurements don't exactly match those on size chart, choose size closest to largest measurement. Velcro® tabs inside each wig can adjust circumference up to 5" larger or smaller to ensure a secure fit.

Wig size 1. Circumference 2. Front to back 3. Ear to ear
Petite 21" 13 3/8" 12 7/8 - 13"
Average 21 1/2" 14 1/2 - 14 3/4" 13 3/8"
Large 23" 14 7/8 - 15 1/4" 13 7/8"


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