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Adjustable Headbands

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Bronze Jewel
Classic Pearl
Coral Stone
Diamond Mosaic
Floral Bead
Pink Mosaic
Royal Braid
Silver Bead
Silver Jewel
Vertical Stripe
Blue Stone
Turquoise Stone

40366212-D180-476C-991B-03D5F37C9183 Created with sketchtool. $12 for 2 or more

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This collection of hand-crafted Headbands adds interest to your turbans! Adjustable to fit almost any size head. The adjustable bands offer a choice of stones and beads to accent any color turban.

The Classic Pearl band is surrounded by pretty glittery stones, perfect with everything in your wardrobe! Blue Stones are set off by a rich array of crystals, antiqued gold and beads.

Pair with our chiffon scarfbands #9672 and bamboo 3-seam turban #9265 to create your own look!

Bamboo is a favorite of women with chemo-related hair loss because it is soft and soothing to sensitive heads. In addition, it wicks away perspiration to keep you cool and dry throughout the day. And because bamboo is antibacterial, it is the fabric of choice for those whose treatment may make them more vulnerable to infection.


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