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Megan-V Wig by Vivica A. Fox™

(1) Jet Black
(130) Copper Red
(1B) Off Black
(2) Dark Brown
(27) Honey Blonde
(P27/30/33) Piano Color. Honey Blonde(#27), Copper Blonde(#30), Dark Auburn(#33)
4 Medium Dark Brown
(P4/27/30) Piano Color. Medium Dark Brown(#4), Honey Blonde(#27), Copper Blonde(#30)
(P4/30/33) Piano Color. Medium Dark Brown(#4), Copper Blonde(#30) & Dark Auburn(#33)
(TT1B/6010) Two Tone color: Off Black Root, Silver Grey Middle, Moon Light Grey Bottom
(613) Platinum Blonde
(TP613/27) Honey Blonde(#27) Highlight Streak with Platinum Blonde(#613) Tip
(99J) Dark Burgundy Wine
(Cabernet) Dark Red Wine
(FS1B/27) 80% Off Black (#1B) With 20% Honey Blonde (#27) Frost
(FS1B/30) 80% Off Black(#1B) With 20% Copper Blonde(#30) Frost
(FS1B/33) 80% Off Black(#1B) With 20% Dark Auburn(#33) Frost
(FS4/27) 80% Medium Dark Brown(#4) With 20% Honey Blonde(#27) Frost
(FS4/30) 80% Medium Dark Brown(#4) With 20% Copper Blonde(#30) Frost
(P2216) Piano Color. Light Brown, Platinum, Reddish Blonde Mixed
(SALMON) Pale Pinkish-Orange
(TUNA) Pale Cranberry Red

MEGAN-V is a 10-inch angled spiral curl with long sides and natural "Baby Hair” in the front to enhance the natural look of it. Its high heat resistant fiber not only curls well but also keeps the curl longer keeping hair looking beautiful. It is featured with lace front which enhances the natural look. One of Vivica’s best-selling styles that never goes out of fashion!

Special features:

  • 10-inch Angled Spiral Curl with Long Sides and Natural Baby Hair in the Front
  • HD Lace Front Wig with Natural “Baby Hair”
  • Kanekalon® Futura synthetic high heat resistant fiber
  • Curling iron safe at 356°-392°F

Hair Length: 10”

Bang: 7”

Crown: 4”

Nape: 3”

Weight: 3.8 oz.

Save when purchased with a wig:

  • (#8636) Wig Care Shampoo only $6 each
  • (#7459) Our Wig Hugger which makes the wig fit much more comfortably and securely, only $13.50 each
  • (#7752) Our Styling Kit, $14.50 each

Only STANDARD DELIVERY is available.

Tips on Choosing and Wearing a Wig
Most women who are faced with hair loss opt for at least one wig and alternate wearing the wig(s) with hats and scarves. READ MORE

To make things easier, you may also call one of our helpful operators for assistance: 1-800-850-9445.


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