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Wig Styling Kit

The Wig Styling Kit includes a special Wig Brush, Comb/Pick, Chin Strap, 3 Nylon Liners and a Collapsible Wig Stand.

The Wig Brush and Comb/Pick are essential for styling your wig.

The Chin Strap holds the wig securely on your head when you style it.

The Nylon Liners make a big difference in protecting scalps sensitive from chemo-caused hair loss.

The Collapsible Wig Stand is useful for storing the wig (do not keep it in a box or a plastic bag) and also for quick drying the wig after you wash it.

Head not included.

When purchased with a wig, the price is discounted to $14.50. 

Tips on Choosing and Wearing a Wig
Most women who are faced with hair loss opt for at least one wig and alternate wearing the wig(s) with hats and scarves. READ MORE


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