Quilted Everyday Hat

Stylish Chemo Hats, Bucket Hat Wide Brim, Cancer Headware


This popular bucket shape is just so easy. We really do think you'll want to wear it--if not every day--at least most days. Wear the brim up or down; it looks good either way. The soft quilted fabric adds extra volume and the hat is cut to give full coverage. Both are important for women coping with chemo-related hair loss as well as those with alopecia.

Imported in 2 sizes in hand-washable poly. The size is further adjustable with a toggle at the back of the hat. Wear this hat on its own or with any of our Halo hairpieces. Halos give the look of natural hair at a fraction of the cost of a wig. They are open at the top, making them lightweight, cool and comfortable on the head.

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