Eazy Eye Brow Stencil

Eyebrow Stencils & Eye Brow Templates


Chemo can cause eyebrow loss. Our hands-free adjustable stencil makes recreating your eyebrows easy.

Our Easy Eye Brow Stencil comes in five styles. Choose the shape that's right for you.

Offered in five different shapes, one of which should work for you. Each shape includes a pair of clear plastic templates that attach together, with an elastic band to hold them in place. A tape measure for even spacing between your brows is also included. Eyebrow pencil or powder is not included; we prefer that you use your own.

Easy Steps to a New Look...

1. Take a good close-up photo of your face before treatment as a guide for applying eyebrow after hair loss. A taupe pencil works best for many people to create eyebrows. After lightly applying the pencil, use an angled brush to apply taupe (or darker) brow powder with light, feathery strokes.

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