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"I smiled, looking in the mirror for the first time in 2 years. Thanks so much for the wonderful wig!"
Michelle B,

Queens, NY

"I am fortunate to have found TLC. I went to a corsetiere for my first bra and paid almost $100 for it. It is not nearly as comfortable as the ones I bought from you, for far less.”“The quality of the merchandise, especially the wigs, is superior and affordable, since money is always tight after and while going through all these situations”
Barbara I.
Meraux, LA

“Keep up the good work, life is easier for me now that I know you exist.”

Frances H.
Asheville, NC

“I think the bracelets are a very good idea. I wish someone had brought them to my attention sooner. I would and will recommend them to cancer patients and survivors.”
Cindy P.
Baltimore, MD

“I think everything is great. I could order one of everything!!”
Patricia W.
West Seneca, NY

“Hats – caps have been complimented often. It really helps with your self image and appearance.”
Sandra D.
West Des Moines, IA

“I have a small head – drawstring is a great idea.  Hats fit well.”
Norma K.
Clearwater, FL

“Your products seem better and less expensive than the store that the surgeon’s office sent me to.”
Karen H.
Greenville, NC

“Thank you so much for the wonderful services you provide for cancer patients. Your caring gives us hope, togetherness and even laughter! Keep up the good work.”
Madeline L.
Baltimore, MD

“I think your products are stylish and wonderful. It helps not having to go shopping.”
Mary K.
St. Louis Obispo, CA

“Everything has always been excellent – good company – very convenient!!!”
Joanne N.
Lawrence, MA

“Thank you for being there for us.”
Barbara K.
New Britain, CT

“Thank you for putting out a catalog with affordable prices. I paid twice as much for one bra. Your wigs are beautiful.”
Brenda H.
Horn Lake, MS

“I found your products to be very useful and the telephone operators were very helpful. You have a good variety and I will recommend you to others.”
Barbara M.
St. Marys, KS

“I paid over $100 for a wig at a wig salon – and I like your wigs so much better. The inside webbing is so comfortable on a bald head. They are so attractive and not wiggy looking.
P.S. I have even given your catalog to ladies I know who wanted to know about wigs. One friend had surgery on both wrists and needed a wig so she would not have to mess with her hair. I highly recommended your wigs. I own TWO at present. Keep up your good work!!”
Helen M.
Brooklyn, IN

“Love your hats, turbans, etc.  Great quality – pretty and comfortable.”
Carolyn T.
Knoxville, TN

“The wig purchased from TLC is the most comfortable, best fitting wig I’ve purchased.  Thank you!”
Nancy G. Antioch, CA

“We cancer patients sincerely appreciate all the many things you do for us.  I thank you very, very much.”
Betty H.
Yucca Valley, CA

"I am so pleased. I have a place to order from and be satisfied. Thanks!!!"
Phyllis W.
Newark, NJ

"I am so happy to know you & do business with you. Between the quality, price, etc – I could not do better. I have 2 wigs & will probably get 1 more. The person who cuts the wigs (when necessary) says they are as fine as the expensive ones she services. Thanks millions!!"
Marcia H.
Boca Raton, FL

"You are beautiful! The product assortment is so useful and appropriate!"
June L.
Gahanna, OH

"Your hats are beautiful. Thank you for helping me get through a difficult time."
Terry G.
Laurinburg, NC

"Keep up the good work. Quality and price are wonderful."
Opaline W.
Hazel Green, AL

"I am so thankful for your company. It is so much easier to shop from my home. You also have a great selection to choose from."
Bobbie H.
Union City, TN

"I have been very pleased with all TLC products. I love all my wigs, bras, sweaters, shampoo, conditioner, etc. TLC is the best! Thanks for tlc."
Katherine L.
Morganton, NC

"Bless you for the work you do! You make a difference!"
Mary H.
Suwanee, GA

"Your catalog is presented beautifully & I believe all needs can be met from it! Thank you!!!"
Carol W.
Cleveland, TN

"Helping is what you do & I thank you from the heart."
Stephanie R.
Bellevue, NE

"Your catalog & products are very much appreciated. The prices are so affordable & quality is great as well. You are much appreciated."
Margie C.
Blodgett, OR

"I have been having Chemo for 6 months and have 6 more to go. I was so excited to receive your catalog. I have hunted for hats and other products that I found in this catalog. The prices are great and I can shop from home! Keep up the good work. It sure helps to know someone cares."
Karen M.
Steubenville, OH

"Every order I have made arrived quickly, and in excellent shape. Thank you for this catalog. I really don't know how I would have gotten thru treatment without you! Thank you for you!"
Brenda E.
Edmonton, KY

"I am grateful for your catalog. There is nothing offered within 100 miles of here. The American Cancer Society has made my life a little easier. Thank you."
Diane S.
Madill, OK

"You should have several copies of this great catalog available in every Oncology doctor's office. Your wigs are wonderful quality for the price."
Donna W.
Cape Coral, FL

"Losing hair is a horrible thing, and TLC's phone operators were wonderful. They were sympathetic, and knowledgeable about the products. It helped to hear a kind voice on the phone offering suggestions and listening when I rambled on about having cancer. Thank you for a good experience in such a trying time in my life!"
Linda D.
Auburn, MA

"Thank you so much for your wonderful catalog. Every item is pretty and feminine. So far I have been very pleased...the wig I purchased is great. And they are all priced very reasonably. No one knows that I'm wearing a wig. Thanks again for a great catalog."
Lena F.
Lakebay, WA

"I just wanted you people to know how great all of your departments are! Everyone seems so caring and so helpful, and I want to thank you for giving so freely while at work, as everybody has problems of their own. (Then we add our stress to yours.) It's appreciated! Thanks so much."
Pearl L.
Delta, OH

"I love your products for cancer patients. When and if my hair grows back in, I will still use and wear the items off and on. Thanks again."
Sue K. L.
Lockport, NY

"Thank you for being there for all of us with this problem! God bless!"
Becky W.
Stockbridge, MI

"I ordered my wig on Saturday morning (express delivery). I was told I would receive it no later than Thursday the following week. I woke up Monday morning with a large bald patch. As my husband began shaving my head, the mail carrier was at the door with my wig. Thank you so much."
Karen D.
Williamstown, NJ

"I am pleased with all the services-but most of all the help I had from the phone operators and the fast delivery. Thank you."
Anna Maria P.
San Bruno, CA

TLC is wonderful! Don't change anything!!"
Andrea C.
Brownsburg, IN

"Breast cancer changed my life. I was devastated when I lost my hair. The hats and accessories were wonderful. I have enough to wear to any occasion. It helps me to have self esteem."
Susan J. D.
Racine, WI

"Your staff on the phone have been outstanding, patient, understanding, compassionate and accommodating."
Jerri F.
Arlington, WA

"I purchased 2 wigs from TLC and have been thoroughly satisfied with both. I received many comments on how natural they look. They are very affordable. It is wonderful to have TLC for people who can't afford store prices. Actually I purchased a $200 wig first. I find I am wearing your 2 more."
Louise F.
Yaphank, NY

"The bras were really great, feel good and wear well. The price is great. I had been paying twice your price."
Leona M.
Mt Sterling, KY

"The very best service I could ever hope to have—good quality and fair prices."
Hisako M.
Covina, CA

"During a routine exam this past June, my doctor discovered I had breast cancer. My surgery was July 16 and chemo started July 30. Two weeks later all my long brown hair fell out. In a panic I went to a wig salon where the sales person assured me that I would never find a wig that looked natural. I ended up paying $150 for the wig and cried all the way home. As with all wig shops, there were No Returns allowed. When I wore this wig I avoided shopping in crowds. When we went out to eat, I would ask my husband to choose a table in the back. I have always been a proud person and now I had no self-esteem.

I got your catalog from my doctor's office. I ordered my wig for $45. Now, I no longer ask my husband how my wig looks. I say, "How does my hair look?" I feel great about myself again. My "hair" is bouncy and natural. It has helped give me back me. I don't avoid anyone and I no longer fear going back to work. My "hair" is a different style than before my chemo and everyone tells me how young I look.

I'm a lucky person. All my cancer was removed. My faith in God, myself and my choice of doctors is so strong and having a great husband and a positive attitude have given me the courage to carry on.

Thank you TLC for your part in helping me recover emotionally."
Sincerely yours,
Gwen J.
Murfreesboro, IN

Dear TLC...
I've been more than satisfied with the wigs. The price allows me to be adventurous with different styles—more fun. My grandchildren choose the one they want me to wear that particular day.
Patricia L.

Thanks to "tlc," I have a wonderful new wig that matches my hair color and style perfectly. And it's such a comfortable fit! Thanks so much for being there, TLC.
Susan L.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer in '97. She was a proud woman and the TLC products helped her to see herself as a lady with a hat on instead of a lady with no hair. I thank you for taking the time to design products that are fashionable and easy to wear. TLC is a great catalog and it means a lot to those with cancer and their families.
Wendi S.
Flora, MS

Feedback on TLC: I think it is fantastic...I felt like there was specialized, private, sensitive support and resources for my situation.
Carol S.
Renton, WA

I received my bras and prosthesis..and I was so pleased with them. I have had other bras and prostheses and was never completely happy...This time was so different—it was almost like I was before with no problems.
Mary Ann C.
Midland, IN

Thank you for being there. You were a blessing at a very difficult point of my life. Your products are high quality and well thought out.
Judie P.
Woodinville, WA


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