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Choosing A Bra That’s Right for You


Our mastectomy bras restore your natural shape and will hold your breast form(s) securely in place. Helping you feel confident and always looking great!

Our Everyday Bras. The “tlc” Everyday Collection combines all the style and comfort you would expect from beautiful lingerie with smart design features that ensure all day comfort. Our most popular bras are the:

Amoena® Mara T-Shirt Bra
(# 9116)

Lace Accent Pocketed Bra
(# 7288)

Mastectomy Camisole Bra
(# 7580)

Our Leisure Bras.Made of soft, breathable materials for all day comfort, and easy fastening for putting on and taking off. This style is ideal for wearing to bed or relaxing at home. Our Amoena® Collection has many styles of seamless, lightweight, and comfortable bras. Two of our customer favorites are the:

  • Amoena® Becky Bra (# 8724) provides ultra-comfort and wearability without wires, seams or closures. It’s invisible under clothing and suitable as a sleep bra!
  • Amoena® Frances Bra (# 8528) designed to meet the specific needs of women immediately following breast surgery, in hospital, and after returning home. Super comfy and perfect for sleeping in. Available in 9 wonderful colors and prints!

Amoena® Becky Bra
(# 8724)

Amoena® Frances Bra
(# 8528)

Our Customized Bras. Our Especially for You Bras are custom made just for you! Available in 7 of our best-selling styles. Just tell us which side(s) to fill! We use tiny lightweight beads that will mold naturally to your body so there’s no need for a breast form. With an Especially for You Bra, you can just put it on and go! Here is a list of 7 that we can tailor just for you:

Long Line
Especially for You Bra
(# 8324)

Full Figure
Especially for You Bra
(# 8556)

Lace Microfiber
Especially for You Bra
(# 8554)

Buy enough to last. Depending on how often it’s worn and washed, the average bra can last between 6 months to a year before needing to be replaced. Consider investing in two or three styles, so you’ll have lots of choice throughout the year.

We offer an amazing collection of stylish, beautiful and affordable post mastectomy bras. With so many styles to choose from, it’ll be easy to find your new favorite bra in no time!


Click here for our article on How to Measure for a Proper Fit.


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