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Amoena® Balance Natura Breast Shaper



Balance breast shapers (sometimes called bra inserts) offer a non-surgical solution for women experiencing asymmetry after a lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery), reconstruction, multiple biopsies, and even naturally. The Balance Natura Breast Shaper is very thin, like a shell, and features Comfort+ temperature equalizing material to help keep you cool.

Sizes: S – XL

Special features: 

  • Balance Natura, a silicone breast shaper in an oval or teardrop shape, is designed to fit closely to the body
  • Features patented integrated Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology (made by Outlast®) helps reduce perspiration behind the form for all day, every day comfort
  • The Thin oval shaper is very thin, like a shell, for a delicate fit
  • Oval is a dual-purpose shape that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, on either side
  • Material: PU-Film, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material
  • Care instructions: For the care of your Amoena breast form, we recommend daily washing by hand with the Amoena Soft Cleanser (#8561), a mild soap or liquid detergent, sold separately. It should then be rinsed in clean water and dried with a soft towel. Body lotion, powder and natural body oils, can cause a film to form on the inside of the breast form. Any type of discoloration or staining cannot be removed. However, it will not have any effect on the quality or function of the breast form.
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