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The Resilience Bra

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Crafted from love and inspired by resilience, the Resilience Bra by Three Strands Recovery Wear was born from Leah Wyrick's personal journey alongside her mother's battle with breast cancer. Designed with compassion and refined through invaluable feedback from both physicians and patients nationwide, the Resilience Bra is a symbol of strength, offering unmatched comfort and support for those on their path to recovery.

Resilience Bra Features:

  • Soft, breathable fabric stretches to accommodate swelling while also providing uniform support and comfort.
  • Flexible and supportive front closure can be used to hold surgical dressings in place.
  • Padded Shoulder Straps allow for easy adjustment and cushioned comfort for patients with limited arm movement.
  • Adjustable Compression Band allows for easy adjustment around rib cage with ability to tighten to loosen each side for maximum comfort and compression.
  • Drain Pocket Holders accommodate up to three drains on each side while front pockets are made of mesh to easily see drain output and color.
  • Drain Tubing Loops allow for drain tubing security against the body to limit chance of tubing being ripped or tugged during everyday activities.
  • Internal Pockets hold a lightweight foam breast form with extra padding for a comfortable and naturally flattering silhouette.


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